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Design Service

Our services range from a one-day room refresh to a muti-room re-design. By focusing on repurposing, we infuse your personality while remaining environmentally and budget-conscious. Reach out today for a free phone consultation.


One-Of-A-Kind Decor

Bring the natural beauty of wood into your design. With our expert guidance in designing a new desk, side table, bench, coffee table or artisan serving board, our sustainable wood will bring warmth, art, and functionality into your space.

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Be Inspired

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"Alicia will let the items in your home shine in a way you NEVER thought possible, saving you time and money as the treasures in your home will serve you in whole new ways. She has a discerning eye for design and knows what will work, leaving you with a finished, elevated, high-end design that reflects the home you have always wanted."


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