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Meet The Intended Home Team

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At The Intended Home, we understand that life can be fast-paced and it can be easy to lose track of what truly matters. That's why we work with you to prioritize creating a home that reflects your unique style and brings your vision to life. Our personable approach goes beyond design to give you an experience that's tailored to your needs.


Let us help you elevate your space to create your Intended Home.

Alicia Niedringhaus Murton

Co-Founder, Decorator

My love affair with color and design began in St. Louis, Missouri, where vibrant hues and patterns were woven into the fabric of everyday life. I couldn't get enough, whether it was the bold sofa fabrics, the iconic neon fashion by Lilly Pulitzer, or the lush neon green grass. To me, color symbolizes happiness.


From St. Louis to Weston, Massachusetts
At nine, my world shifted to Weston, Massachusetts, a place that felt like another universe. This early exposure to the ocean, mountains, and the historic beauty of Boston enriched my creativity and my appreciation for natural beauty. Growing up in a city with a rich historical heritage while spending time in natural landscapes taught me the art of balancing tradition and modernity. 


Chicago & Atlanta: Hubs of Creativity
My next home was in Chicago, where I began my journey into furniture design. The city's artistic energy fueled my passion for dynamic, expressive interiors. Then, while I lived in Atlanta, I continued to explore the world of design, honing my skills and deepening my love for combining color, wallpaper, fabric, and furniture to create beautiful, inviting spaces.


Pittsburgh Bound
Life led me to Pittsburgh, where my husband and I decided to raise our three amazing daughters in his hometown. In Pittsburgh, my passion for transforming spaces blossomed, and I began staging homes for realtors, using my eye for design to make spaces feel warm and welcoming. The thrill of being creative with furniture, breathing new life into old pieces with a fresh coat of paint or unique hardware, was intoxicating. I discovered the potential in every home and saw the beauty in what already existed.


Crafting Beautiful, Functional Spaces
This journey led me to meet Katy, whose ability to inspire and motivate using her mastery of project management gave my design ideas a place to grow, establishing The Intended Home. This is our chance to embrace the art of repurposing and incorporating family treasures into high-end design. With my talent and experience, I will uncover that the pieces you already have can become the heart and soul of your home.



Katy Sugarbaker Caliguiri

Co-Founder, Project Manager

I'm here to ensure that your journey to create your unique space is as smooth as it is inspired. We can craft beautiful, functional spaces without compromising your vision and the environment by repurposing items that you have, incorporating vintage items, and sourcing new key quality pieces. As your project manager, I am a dedicated guide and task manager throughout the design and renovation process. I am so proud to be a part of the effort and work with Alicia, who shares my passion for creating homes as unique as those in them.


With an MBA and a fervent passion for project management, one of my key strengths is the ability to strike a balance between budget constraints and the need for timely project completion. I understand that each project is unique, and I work diligently to ensure your investment aligns with your vision, providing exceptional value for your money.


Let's get started on imagining and crafting the unique living space of your dreams!

Chase Louise Murton

Social Media and Branding Director

I grew up surrounded by creativity and design in a home that had constantly changing furniture, fabrics, colors, and wallpaper. Exposure to many different design elements led me to find a passion for the arts. I spent my first semester of college living in London, studying art and media, and traveling around Europe. These experiences provided new influences and perspectives on fashion, art, and culture, further elevating my interest and passion for exceptional design. I continued my education at the College of Charleston in South Carolina with a focus on marketing, PR, and branding. Charleston, a historic city, is filled with hidden treasures that helped me further sharpen my style aesthetic.


Now a team member of The Intended Home, I am in charge of branding and social media with the challenge to showcase my mother's amazing eye for design and the company's one-of-a-kind products. Branding is ever-evolving, and I stay at the forefront by constantly learning and adapting to new trends, and technologies while infusing my own style!

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